Phoenix Riley

Phoenix Riley, referred to as 'Nix' is the daughter of Jessie Riley and best friend of Benny Imura.


Nix has long curly red-gold hair and freckles. She is lean and rather short being only 5' 2" and is described as having good sized breasts for her age.


Nix is a book worm, much like her friend Lou Chong, and is often seen writing in her journal. It is later found out that in her journal she is writing an encyclopedia about zombies, adding information into it as she learns. Before her mom died she was a soft, kind, and well composed girl that smiled often. After being rescued from Charlie and the Hammer and finding out about her mother's death, she lost her softness and was less apt to smile. She became tough and kept more to herself. She carries around her own sword, named dojigiri. She is far more skilled at swordplay than Benny, and was, along with Lilah, the first one at Sanctuary to fight the r3 zombies that had the mutagen powder on them.


Nix's father and two brothers were killed and reanimated during First Night. Nine years after First Night, her mother asked Tom Imura to silence them. Nix was never told of these events.