Description Edit

Preacher Jack first came up in Dust & Decay, and he gave everybody a bad vibe. He said he was a preacher and believed that the Zombies, or "Children of Lazarus", should take over the world. He is the father of Charlie Matthias, White Bear, and Zak Matthias. He helped White Bear run the new Gameland. He is an excellent swordsman, and took down 4 Bounty Hunters. At the end of Dust & Decay, after Tom blew up Gameland, he shoots Tom, which later kills him.

Death Edit

Preacher Jack dies at the end of Dust & Decay by Benny. Preacher Jack shoot Tom, which later kills Tom, and starts walking toward Benny and the others. Benny then takes Tom's Kami Katana and kills Preacher Jack.