Description Edit

Saint John of the Knife

This man's frightening, black eye stare is not to be messed with. Recognizable by his assortment of knives and scalp painted with the symbol of the Reaper, Saint John will not hesitate to strike down the living. He is the leader of the Night Church, and sends "heretics" into the "darkness". He is the most dangerous man in the Ruin, knowing every dirty trick in the book.

Past Edit

Saint John was a serial killer before The Fall. He was a legend among all deranged psychopaths, with movies and books made about him. Nothing else is given about his past, other than meeting Riot's mother and starting the Night Church.

Death Edit

Saint John dies during the battle of Mountainside. He is surrounded by reapers who have lost their faith. Benny wishes he find peace in the darkness, and Saint John drives Brother Peter's knife up to the hilt in his own heart.