The life of Tom Imura (most of it anyway)
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Tom Imura

Tom Imura's Zombie Card

Tom Imura was Benny Imura's 34-year-old brother and a survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse. He lived in Mountainside, a town in the Sierra Nevadas in Central California, where he worked as a zombie hunter, but preferred to be called a Closure Specialist.


Tom was a police cadet before First-Night, and worked as a Closure Specialist after the world ended. Tom trained Benny Imura, Lou Chong, Morgie Mitchell, Nix Riley, Nix's mom Jessie Riley, and Lilah the Lost Girl.


Tom is the older half-brother of Benny Imura. He is the younger brother of Sam Imura who is believed to have died on First-Night, in the Dead Of Night series. His parents died on First-Night. Tom was in love with Jessie Riley, but Jessie was murdered by The Motor City Hammer and Charlie Pink-Eye Matthias in Rot & Ruin.


After the fight of the second Game Land, Tom is shot by Preacher Jack in the back, and is almost killed, but Benny uses Tom's Kami Katana to kill Preacher Jack first. Tom bleeds out, and dies but does not reanimate as a zombie, since the zombie plague had changed.