Description Edit

White Bear

Sharing many of the same traits as his brother Charlie Pink-Eye, this former Vegas bouncer is not somebody you want to irritate. Many scars fill his entire body and he carries a frightening, burned face that is sure to make anybody's hair on their neck stand.

Information and History Edit

White Bear is the son of Preacher Jack, and brother of the deceased Charlie Pink Eye. He was a Vegas bouncer until First Night. He was at the first burning of Gameland, and went as Big Jim Matthias. He was thought to be dead then, but eventually he wakes up, claiming to have had a vision from an Indian god. He later goes on to aid the rebuilding of Gameland.

Death Edit

White Bear dies during the fight at the new Gameland in Dust & Decay.  He is killed by Lilah right before White Bear was going to hit Chong on the head with a crowbar.  Lilah stabs him with her spear through his abdomen then again through his shoulder blades. Edit